industrial solutions for insulation

MND Izolasyon is one of the leadest converter in market for giving right solutions for insulations in industrial applications. Established in 1999 and aim to strenghten the relationships with current and new customers more than a supplier...as a partner. For all types of solutions of thermal insulation, sound insulation, sealing , masking, mounting/fixing, packaging applications, we are ready to help in right time. Also as a result of production of self adhesive components, visual parts for whitegood appliances like control panels, visual effects are applied with hotstamped, screen printed parts in high-tech.

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Powering the abilities with high-tech machinery


For self adhesive materials and layering, with maximum 1600 mm width, in hot and cold option with7 lines.


For foam tapes in roll form, slitting option with minimum 5mm width and Ø300mm diameter

Vertical/Horizontal Cutting

Foams in block form can be splitted or sized in any axis


Total cut with substrate and adhesive for any shape, complexity in 1000x2000mm maximum


Especially for high quantity manufacturing lines for leaving the backing sheet intact. special die cutting with high precision in flat-bed and rotary lines


Any assembly for plastics parts - foam assembly that are value-added

Laser Cutting/ Marking

Die-less cutting in only few seconds wtih a CAD data, availability for sizes: 1000x1600mm maximum, for screen printed plastic films

Hot Stamp

Decoration of plastic films and molded plastic parts with special films

Screen Printing

UV and solvent inks are used in fully automatic lines on any substrate


world-class high quality & quantity manufacturing of convertable materials to a whole host of industries that include :




For many of the tests for market can be done with equipped our laboratory


Programmable temperature applied between -75 + 180 C

Humidity between 0-99%

UV strength

Fire Behaviour Tests according to FMVSS302

Strength Tests

Compression Strength

Tensile Strength


Adhesion Strength


Impedence Tests

Detection of sound absorbtion index between 50-6600 Hz


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